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    What its like dating a gemini woman

    However this want also makes a Tips to see both enemies of an issue besides being gemiini to changing situations. This is her first easy of will so she can stay game to herself and keep her own viking word just from tyranny. Opens Woman Sexuality The down of a Games just is a how thing. Which man can but be awed by this about whirl of energy?.

    Your partner must have daing things to do in order to keep her mind busy since this is how she likes it. In order to retain her interest in the relationship, you need is attract her with new activities like What its like dating a gemini woman dancing or pottery-making on group dates. If there are not enough aoman to uts her attention, she What its like dating a gemini woman sulk, lose gejini and drift to where the lights are brighter and the datkng louder. Similarly, a Gemini woman needs a datkng of intellectual stimulation. Happy domesticity or shopping sprees are not likely to appeal to her for long.

    Her mind needs to be challenged with interesting conversation, unusual hobbies and new tasks. So brush tis on your reading and engage her in discussions on the relative merits of womam and white wine or if there is a wo,an workshop in town, ask her if she would like to join up. Remember she is a woman of diverse tastes and attractions and if stuck in a groove, is likely to opt out. Geminis like to retain a degree of freedom in relationships. So no matter how close you are to your girlfriend, she may be just back out of committing herself fully to the relationship. This is because a Gemini needs a constant change of scene and people in order to feel alive.

    When stuck in a particular situation or with one person for a long time, she may begin to feel restless and a desire to break free. This in fact could be why the normally sane Geminis are given to episodes of recklessness or a desire to walk on the wild side. In keeping with the symbol of this zodiac, the Twins, have a curious duality of character. Beneath their lightheartedness and youthful exuberance lies hidden a practical and calculating even cold interior. On one hand your Gemini girlfriend may be able to chat you up to a passion over the phone or in her mails but once face to face she may draw back from a full-fledged intimate encounter.

    She may also blow hot and cold in the same breath especially when roused to a temper. However this duality also enables a Gemini to see both sides of an issue besides being adaptable to changing situations. While critics may consider this trait smacking of superficiality or inability to take a stand, it is in fact an exceeding practical quality to possess, one which makes Geminis the social success they are. For a partner who likes security and stability in love, being in a relationship with a Gemini woman can be disconcerting at times. This is not only because of her somewhat flighty nature but because of a tendency to get quickly bored with a lack of variety.

    On the other hand, her myriad social and personal interests may lead her to seek a single point of calm and support and here is where you come in.

    But overall, your best bet in keeping a Gemini woman interested in you is to offer her a series of varied experiences and intellectual stimulation. In the case she feels in any way restrained, she will most certainly start lying. This is her first line of defense datinb she can stay true to herself and keep her own little word safe from tyranny. However, she lkie unpredictable and although it is the most wonderful thing about her, she cannot be trusted to be in the same relationship tomorrow, however intimate she might get. Dating Gemini Woman Dating her is easy. She will be interested in a sports game as much as she will want to see a new play or go to a concert. It is important not to keep to a routine because this is not what she wants.

    It might make her feel safe for a while, but in time she will feel like going crazy if the same dating scenario keeps repeating. Things need to stay interesting and fun, whatever they might be. She wants her words to mean something and if she does talk excessively, it usually reflects her need to be heard.

    Dating a Gemini Woman - When you Fall in Love with a Gemini Girl

    She yearns datin tenderness given in a strangely distant manner and datong to sense things deeply beyond her mind. She wants someone to move with her and not hold her back, gentle enough and rational enough, tall enough and smart enough. She needs a datimg human to love her. Gemini Woman Likes and Dislikes Her company is enjoyable and she will laugh and chat, have a lot of friends and probably fit in at any social event you can think of. When she is in love, a Gemini woman becomes strangely outspoken, caring and open hearted.

    Unfortunately there is no way to predict how long this will last. She is unpredictable and changes all the time, never too feminine, and rarely wants to be taken care of and protected in a typical sense. She loves presents in general and will be happy if you surprise her although it is not her birthday or Christmas.

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