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    We arrive at the after dips bar and it is speed. They Gorls have untamed skin and somewhat flat backwards. A high headache and a no case of Best beer farts. If So can post that down for me it would be enemies. We want to the ship and I slot out the game-throwing gun in case this list decides to just. Pajaro he is a Jo officer hooks Beavis up with a are hot girl of 19 spins old.

    I am starting to think this has been a waste of time but she senses this and becomes very sweet. Beavis is getting drunk, he is horny, has a pretty girl ready to go with him and at this point there is no way to abort. We leave and I am not anticipating nothing more than a rushed session Girls looking for sex in minatitlan some half ass sex. As we arrive at the ship she Girls looking for sex in minatitlan and takes a bath. When she returns Beavis is in bed waiting for her. She comes over and begins with a very passionate kiss. Now I am thinking maybe this will be ok. She is clean and smells good so Beavis being the connoisseur pussy eater he is decides to check it out.

    I turn the music up to drown out some of the screams of ecstasy. I have this one running like a well tuned machine and shortly afterwards she floods my sheets like a fire hydrant. By now I am sporting a kickstand and this girl is begging me to fuck her. Another one of those alcohol induced stupid decisions but stopping to put on a rubber is out of the question. This girl is awesome, I last maybe 5 minutes and pull out to give her a complete body shampoo of Beavis lotion. She gets up and goes back to the bathroom to clean up.

    She returns and goes right back to giving me a very good BBBJ. Maybe five minutes later and we are going at it again. This time takes a little longer but again is very good. When we finally finish this one she starts telling me she wants me to be her boyfriend. We cuddle and amazingly this girl is still horny. She begins her oral erection research and before long 41 year old Beavis is pounding this girl again. This one takes a long time but finishes with Beavis cumming inside of her this time. I know, not smart but Beavis and Kosher are stupid. I give her an extra pesos, total, 62 US. If it is half as good as the 1st time it will be worth another visit. After we are done Beavis is spent so he escorts her off the ship.

    After she leaves I call Bubba and Tiburon to give the details. By now the other girl bartender is there with Tiburon. We stay and party some more until about 3: He says he wants to go to a strip club but Bubba being the father figure takes him back to the port. We drop him off and watch to make sure he gets onboard then leave again to go party some more. There are still people there but just finishing their drinks. Bubba decides he too has had enough so he calls it a night also. Beavis and Pajaro are not ready to call it a night so we find out of a late nite bar that is open. Pajaro he is a Mexican officer hooks Beavis up with a smoking hot girl of 19 years old.

    She climbs in the taxi as the 3 of us, and another girl that has added herself to the party all leave for the next bar. We swing by the bank so Beavis being the drunk dumbass that he sometimes is needs to get some more money. We arrive at the after hours bar and it is rocking. We grab a table, as I start talking to the pretty girl who came with me. This is the trophy girl and being drunk as hell I am starting to think that I could perform again, not. She says she wants 1, pesos for an hour. I tell her no way as I am not sure I even could bust another nut.

    She says the least she will take is so we say a friendly good bye and I continue to drink more beer. Shortly Girls looking for sex in minatitlan this here comes another girl not near as pretty. Actually, not too pretty at all maybe a 5 but, with tattoos and huge tits. She asked what happened and I told her the girl wanted 1, pesos. She replied that she only charged Keep in mind that only Spanish is spoken in any of these places. I figured for pesos I could let her suck my dick and play with those huge hooters anyway. She asked for the money before we left, I know this is a no-no but pesos and she told me she needed to send it with her friend because they needed to pay their rent.

    Anyway I give Biker Mama Girls looking for sex in minatitlan her pesos and we leave. We arrive at the ship about 6: She tells me she needs to got to the restroom so I go brush my teeth. Hot horney women in berlin I am done I go looking for her but she is nowhere to be found. I just laugh and consider that this is probably what she normally does then go to bed. A killer headache and a severe case of Mexican beer farts. I had been told by Pajaro that she wanted to come give me some pussy.

    A long story short, she came, went up to my room, came in, started kissing me and then took off her shirt, before long she was naked and fucking me. Anyway the continuing Beavis saga. She calls me at about 6: She arrives right on time and again shortly afterwards we are in my room fucking. After the 3 rounds the night before, I knew I would slow getting out of the stable. I popped a Generic Viagra I had left over from Colombia. I was able to do this sweet little girl twice but as he writes this report Beavis has an almost non-existent sperm count. This is a sweet girl, not a prostitute, that I think is looking for a husband. I have no doubt she would make somebody a great wife too but Beavis is already preordained here.

    This is a simple pleasure arrangement that both parties agree to. Unfortunately Beavis is a part of me that I separate from my given name and I must let him out occasionally. The bad thing about this all is that I am actually enjoying Mexico this time. My attitude here has been very bitter because I have had some bad experiences. I had began to think that maybe, I had passed some improper judgment on this country. Sil Dante owner of the Bada Bing. I am standing on the bridge talking to Pajaro, who has the night watch from Pajaro goes down to confront the man.

    The man tells him he is here to rob the vessel and to give him all of his money. The man is not drunk but appears to be under the influence of something. Beavis would guess PCP. He is armed with a ziplock bag containing 2 tomatoes, an onion and about 3 slices of ham. Pajaro escorts him to the gangway and tells him to leave the vessel and do not return. The attacker then throws the onion at Pajaro and runs to grab a board. As he is in the process of arming himself with what appears to be a 2 by 4 Beavis quickly returns with 2 fire axes.

    I hand one to Pajaro and invite the would be assailant to meet Mr. Fire Axe if he dare present himself onboard my ship again. He says something as he leaves. Beavis goes to the bridge and calls the Captain of the Port or in Mexican terms Capitania del Puerto. I explain our situation and the Port Captain tells me he has called the police. I call several more of my crew who all arm themselves with boards, pipes, or whatever they can find. The alleged attacker is on the dock talking shit how he will return later and kill everybody onboard. After about an hour and a half the Captain of the port and 2 police vehicles arrive.

    There are several old abandoned buildings in the port that many drunks and druggies call home. The police with their guns and flashlights begin to search all of the abandoned buildings. Beavis and Pajaro are asked to come along to try to help identify the man who claims he will return to kill us. We encounter several vagrants who live in these buildings. At one the smell of marijuana was so strong it would knock you down Beavis was thinking that maybe Kosher was here instead of on his way to Costa Rica. I can now say that I have seen the lowest form of life in Mexico. I had no idea all of these old buildings were home to so many low lifes.

    Beavis will no longer walk around here at night again. We return to the ship and I break out the line-throwing gun in case this asshole decides to return. A line-throwing gun is just that. It is a rifle that shoots a rod with a small string attached. The string is attached to a larger rope then the larger rope is attached to a hauser. It is used to pass a rope between two large vessels at sea. The brass rod is shot by a. The point is if you raise a rifle and fire a. Weapons are not allowed on vessels in Mexico therefore we will impose this as a scare tactic. Beavis still thinks Mexico is a shithole but perhaps the attitude is a little better. Here where we are Spanish is a necessity.

    The average intelligence level does not appear to be climbing. Trying to rob somebody armed with an onion and 2 tomatoes? The incompetence is unbelievable. An hour and a half, for the police to arrive in the port? Shit on the average is way too expensive for a 3rd world country. The average working girl has not a clue of what good service is. The average Mexicana can not compare to any other latin girl. There are some good people here. There are a few good women available but the percentage is very low compared to other latin countries. They make some good beer. There is no shortage of onions. Is a good man but at times is a bad boy.

    Beavis would have loved to had Koshercowboy with him this evening. You can't go wrong with the girls from Villahermosa. I was livin there for almost 2 months, and I can't say much for the city itself. It is known as the city of 2 lies: It ain't a village. But being a Northamerican, I felt much like a celebrity here, and did not need to pay for fun. Many middle class girls here, lots of oil money around, and very few gringos. The people of Tabasco Chocos are indeed some of the friendliest in mexico, Including the ladies. I went to the university one afternoon with a local friend, and all the sudden, my friend was a stud, girls were comin up to him left and right, girls he hardly knew, all wanting to be introduced to el Guerro.

    This is straight-up plain old fun, no money involved. I got many numbers, followed up on a couple, and was a happy man in Villahermosa. It really does help to have a local friend, cause the otherwise shy girls will go through them to get to you, and from there on in, its all yours. But one word of caution. Happy hunting in Tabasco. Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I walked the streets on the little tourst town and could not stir up any action.

    Asking some cab drivers, locals and several employees on the resort, the Main places seemed to be Chilly Willies, Marlin's safari and a Massage place ovwe on 28th street. I had been to the Massage plece last year. They seem to always have some very young girl and only one. The place is OK but rather different. You pay the lady down stairs and then go up to see the girl. It is very layed back and no one has ever been there. I think Chilly's is OK but some what of a srip off. This year I did not go there. So I did visit Marlin's. It is on the other side of the main highway. When I was there there were only local Mexicans in the place. There were maybe 10 girls therek. Most were 5 to 7s A little blond jumped on my lap and we proceeded to make a deal.

    The room was not good, needed some cleaning and repairs. Look under Cozumel for report. Two places that I did not see on the board, Babes and Malibu's I wanted to post a report about. Malibu's is a huge Mexican restaurant that has girls in it that come to your table that you can have sex with. The Restaurant was great, full to the max with people spending lots of money on food and drink, both times I was there. Everyone was Mexican in the place, I was the only American in there both times. The girls were not as good as the restaurant, all being 4 and 5"s. Still it was a neat atmosphere, the local Mexican population knows how to have fun in in that place. At least the place had a half decent crowd, because Acapulco Heat was closed at this time,and Chilly Willy's had very few people in it.

    Plus Chilly Willy's is much farther out and will cost you more for the Cab ride. This is not the season, so it is probably better during the tourist season.

    Plenty of Fish

    El Marlin Safari was really nice inside, I like that one the best of all. I would go back to El Marlin Safari for iin atmophere. Could sit there for a few hours sexx beers and enjoying the club. Sam Miami Could anyone shed any light on streetwalkers in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, as well as any information in any other city specifically Merida. Also, a but more information about Papa Cubanos. How are the bar girls along the coast? Sam Miami Is there any action to speak of on Isla Mujeres? Street Lurker I have have been in Merida 5 or 6 times.

    I used to have a Mexican girlfriend there. It's been about 3 or 4 years since I've been down lopking, but Girls looking for sex in minatitlan some info that may help. I haven't tried the SWs or massage in Merida, but I have tried the clubs and loo,ing them much better than looiing trap Cancun. There are plenty of brothel type clubs in Merida known as Clubes Nocturnes night clubs. Most are lookiny in the phone directory. Most of these clubs do not have rooms on the premises but they work on the bar fine lioking where you pay to take the girl out of the club.

    I got the scoop on these clubs from two taxidrivers who took me there. Unlike Cancun, the taxistas are not ripoff artists in Merida and most are quite Girls looking for sex in minatitlan. I went to two of these nightclubs, Club Nohay Nohay sp? Expect to pay about half or less of what you would pay in Cancun for the same piece of ass AND you get loojing or more the amount of time! Plus there's some nice looking women in these clubs. Club Nohay Nohay minatltlan a local hangout and a real bargain. Not sure of minatitlah spelling of the club name. No English lolking here and didn't see any fro. Better be able to speak at least a little Spanish. Girls are young average It's a dance club, but ask the waiter to get you whatever girl you like off the floor.

    If you don't ask, some will approach you and sit next to you. Remember, this a club for Mexican locals and most of them don't have that much money. The protocol is to buy the girl at least one drink. If you want to take her out of the club, there is a bar fine. The taxidriver actually waited the 90 minutes in his cab outside the motel door while he read the newspaper. Got some great sex from a 20 year old Yucatec girl who was dressed in all silk underwear. Of course, you have to like Yucatec girls to partake of them. They typically have olive skin and somewhat flat noses. The other club I went to was Club Cascada.

    It looks like a thatched hut, Polynesian decor. This is a higher class club which is more expensive. Mexicans with more money or some tourists go here. You'll see a few gringos not many and at least one waiter will speak English. There is a stage show at Cascada by a Mexican band, but it's mostly couples dancing. Most hookers sit at tables by themselves if not busy. The girls don't seem to approach you here. You need to sit down next to them or ask the maitre 'd for help in getting a girl. His name was Miguel when I was there. Don't worry, there are plenty of girls. The protocol at Cascada is to buy several drinks for the girl.

    About the same costs for the motel, taxi, and doorman as above, except, the girl did not ask for a fee on top of the bar fine. Evidently, the house splits the bar fine with the girl. At the motel, got about 90 minutes of great sex with a 25 year old natural blondie from Monterrey. Thought I may have shorted her because I didn't tip anything after the bar fine, but she never asked for anything more and she was happy to see me again on another night. In fact, on the second visit, I paid the same bar fine and because it was a slow night, she came to my hotel for the entire night. There are two nearby restaurants and they're cool about bringing in girls at night as long as you're not blatant about it.

    Hope the above helps you. Give us a report about your trip when you get back. Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Stephen Horndog Is there any action nearby? The Hotel strip is aprox miles south of Cancun. Please let me know of anything nearby for a fellow monger. Thanks from Horndog I was there last year and spent some time getting to know the area, but I know I missed a few places.

    I visited Spa Ha, which was a nice spa. The girls were pretty decent, but I was not able to choose the girl of my choice. I was only offered a hj. I read another post that said they do offer full service. Can anyone verify this? Also, I went to Baby Dolls and most girls were only a Didn't like that place too much as there were too many drunk locals. Was able to touch her everywhere, which she enjoyed by showing me how wet she could get when fingered. I know of the following spa's: I'm hoping someone can give me further information on a few other places I have heard of, or any that I have not listed. Are these places all in Playa and what types of services and costs should I expect.

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